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Advisory Committee

The role of the Healthy Families Florida Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the Healthy Families Florida staff and the Board of Directors of the Ounce of Prevention Fund related to program policy and implementation, advocacy, training, evaluation and funding. The Advisory Committee generally meets at least two times a year either through face-to-face meetings in Tallahassee or via conference call. The Chair may also convene other meetings as needed.

Douglas Sessions,CEO with DCF Secretary Mike Carroll and Advisory Board Chair Ted Granger

Statewide Partnerships

Mr. Alan Abramowitz 

Florida Statewide Guardian Ad Litem

Year Appointed: 2009

Ms. Brandy Carlson 

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Year Appointed: 2011

Mr. Steve Casey 

Florida Sheriffs Association

Year Appointed: 2011

Mr. Matt Dunagan 

Florida Sheriffs Association

Year Appointed: 2017

Mr. Ted Granger, Chair

United Way of Florida

Year Appointed: 1998

Ms. Nacole Gutyon 

Department of Education

Year Appointed: 2018

Mr. Chris Lolley 

Prevent Child Abuse Florida

Year Appointed: 2016

Mr. Marco Paredes 

Flordia Conference of Catholic Bishops

Year Appointed: 2017

Ms. Summer Pfeiffer 

Children's Home Society of Florida

Year Appointed: 2014

Mr. Michael Sheedy 

Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops

Year Appointed: 2013

Ms. Cathy Timuta 

Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions, Inc.

Year Appointed: 2018

Mr. James Wylie 

Florida District Kiwanis

Year Appointed: 2014

State Agencies

Ms. Shay Chapman BSN, MBA

Florida Department of Health

Year Appointed: 2018

Ms. Erin Hough 

Florida Department of Children and Families

Year Appointed: 2015

Ms. Alice Sims 

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Year Appointed: 2015

The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida Board of Directors

Mr. Guy Spearman, III

Spearman Management

Year Appointed: 1998

The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida Board Appointees

Ms. Pam Banks 

Healthy Families Gadsden

Year Appointed: 2011

Ms. Michelle Jefferson 

Parent Leader

Year Appointed: 2011

Ms. Mary Maxwell 

Child Advocate

Year Appointed: 1998